A night rider!

As I tracked my steps to the last metro for the day, I had little more than just a journey of 12 stations and some handful glances…

Normally post work out, I prefer to keep the body temperature to take normal course of cooling and don’t pleasure it with sitting or any comfort which is ignorant yet taken..

My theory is to keep the body endurance as much of the mind and vice versa, otherwise the more comfort body gets, lamer and dumber goes the mind too.

So third from the driver’s coach was where I had cornered myself to a pillar watching the empty trail of coaches slithering along the “not too perfectly straight” tracks.

My mind was clue”less”ly watching the trail when I found it slightly weird but the thought just paved in…and god knows if it was the time, the loneliness of the coach or platonic mind-world relationship that was getting much too nonsensically cozy!

Their is an emptiness in everything. In the morning when we wake up, so does the clutter. As the day go by, it pours in and out but keep the presence felt every second of the passing minute in the day.

The withering clutter goes low for most of us as we proceed to the dark. But does it surmount to take a break as much our mind does or like sub conscious keep moving like the dark passenger called the sub conscious.

Does the morning blues for some of us can be explained for an active dark passenger?

What passage does it venture to? How does he find the way to or from the islandish memories of lanes forgotten from the memory map!

Sometimes traces of the walk of this dark passenger hints of something good or evil, is it intentional plot play by the passenger or awakening alarm of some forth-coming event.

If it’s evil, how we wish it was just the plot play…a dream (a confident quilt label for the unexplainable).

Well, the dark passenger definitely exists. But is it dark for wrong reasons; a con within; a disguise or on the contrary the true self which got to get some air once in a while.

Passengers don’t rest until they reach the point of “destination”.

So what is his (the dark passenger) destination?

A solitude….may be
A finding of truth….could be

Well what ever it be, it won’t rest until it finds it. And if it has to come down to “Moksha” or “vippassanna” so be it!

God’s way of serving the truth could be a walk on fire or an outcast from worldly pleasures for the greater finding…but it definitely puts us at peace finally…

Just like this quiet awkward platform where my body has got to the destination of choice.

For the dark passenger, I believe it’s “just another day” in the night…